Camp Gladiator is a four-week fitness camp that promises a fun and motivating environment for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. CG needed a refresh of their camper's online experience.


Give users a space to check on their progress including their check-in history, referrals, badges and more.


Provide an online shopping experience for CG merchandise including product features and shopping cart.



Using the CG App, along with their current platform as a jumping off point, we explored several layouts using tabs to display high-level stats while displaying more robust data and tools once expanded. These early jam-packed iterations proved to be overcrowded and overwhelming.


Dropdown Tabs

By exploring tabs that expanded vertically, we discovered a cleaner, more efficient way to display CG's widgets. This solution also provided a scalable environment for CG to introduce more apps in the future.

With the dashboard layout resolved, we built out the remaining pages including events and a checkout process.



Using interface elements from the dashboard, we developed an eCommerce store for CG Gear, including product pages and checkout pages.


Created at Tilted Chair



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